Thursday, July 29, 2010


So... I put a tracker on my blog, just to see how many views it gets. Apparently, a lot more people check in here than I would have thought. Which is both completely okay and flattering, but I must say that I'm a bit confused. If people are looking at my blog this often, why are they not commenting? Or should I say, why are YOU not commenting? Yes, you. Validate me, tell me how awesome I am- give me something! I know you're reading, so you may as well praise me while you're at it. I don't mind at all. Also, I have a few friends who keep blogs, and I love reading them and commenting on them. But I have noticed as of late that I am not listed in their "Blogs I Stalk" list. Not a single one of them. Not. ONE. Really, guys? Are you not allowed to add me to your official list because I don't have a cute husband to write about or darling babies to post pictures of? Are you ashamed to admit that you follow my blog?! I just feel I deserve some recognition, that's all. I mean, that's what a blog is for... right?


Maddie Noel said...

Erin, I comment. You are better than all of those brain dead girls who get married when they're 18 - cause your awesome. Your kids will be cuter than theirs, and your husband will be WAY hot. Trust me.

Katie said...

SO adding you to my blog list now. :) For some reason I didn't realize you had a blog... and if you told me you did while we were in Moab, sorry... I was a little distracted ;) We need to play!

*Erin* said...

Haha. Thanks, Kate. You're awesome, & I love reading your blog. And yes, we certainly do need to play soon. = )
Maddie, I love you. My liege... and I miss you terribly. Not seeing you everyday is hurting my heart.