Saturday, July 28, 2012

My man.

[What is his name?] Joseph, but you can call him Joey. [How long have you been married?] We are not! However, we've been living in domestic bliss (or sin, or whatever you want to call it) for a few months now. [How long did you date?] I guess we're technically still "dating", although it sounds weird to put it that way. Anyway, we met a few days before Valentine's Day and have been together ever since. We never did the "just friends" thing. [How old is he?] 27. [Who said "I love you" first?] He did. [Who is taller?] He is much taller than I. [Who eats more sweets?] He used to. Now that I'm pregnant, we're about even. [Who can sing better?] Haha, definitely me. Although he sings more often... [Who is smarter?] We both border on genius. [Who does the laundry?] I do mine, he does his. Although he sees it as wasteful to not just pile it all in there at once. I guess I would feel weird having anyone else wash my underwear. [Who pays the bills?] I pay my bills, he pays our bills. [Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?] Depends on whether you're facing the bed or in the bed... he sleeps closest to the door. [Who mows the lawn?] He is doing that right now, actually. [Who cooks dinner?] Me, cooking? Now, that is funny. Joey is an awesome cook, though. [Who drives?] When we're going somewhere together, he always does. [Who is more stubborn?] We both have our moments. [Who kissed who first?] I kissed him. He had been trying to do so all night, but I could tell how nervous he was. So I just did it for him! [Who proposed?] We're not technically engaged, but he has asked me if I will marry him someday. Which of course I will. Just focusing on one major life change at a time, is all. =) [Who has more siblings?] I have 6 more siblings than he does. [Who eats more?] He does, even with my growing appetite. [Who wears the pants in the family?] Joey does! I can't even fit into any of my pants anymore. ;-)


Alli said...

Cute. I love the "living in domestic bliss or sin". Oh, Dunsh!