Thursday, September 13, 2012

26.2 (And comments!)

Well, another day down! We got our second round of steroid shots today. They're supposed to help tremendously with lung development, preventing brain bleeds & intestinal infections, (two very common preemie issues) and in general they just up her chances of surviving and eventually thriving if she does show up early. The shots went right into my hips/butt and stung quite a bit, but weren't nearly as bad as I expected. So there's that. Now... comments!!! Since we don't have an actual working computer here at our house, I've just been blogging from my iPad. Which is why I can't figure out how to do cool stuff like making paragraphs or posting pictures. It is also why I just figured out a few minutes ago that I had 7 comments awaiting approval! I was so excited to see them and to know that a few people actually do read this thing. To Alli, Mandy, and Mary- thank you so much for the comments. I feel bad that I didn't see them until now. Alli- I am so excited for the arrival of my 3rd GodDaughter. Cannot wait to see how adorable she is! Mandy- I love you and Tegan to pieces, and miss seeing you both at work. Mary- I did not even remember that Maddie was born so early! She is so smart, beautiful, and well-adjusted, you would never even guess it! Anyway. You're all wonderful, and I'll keep the updates coming. Until next time! Oh, P.S. I'm still planning on naming the babe Noelle, (Note that the spelling has changed. I don't want people thinking it's pronounced "Noal.") but Joey is still pretty set on the name "Jaycee." He has an uncle named Jay who he is close to, so the name has special meaning to him. And don't get me wrong- it's a cute name, and I like it. But my heart is still set on Noelle. I guess we'll just have to see what she comes out looking like to know which name suits her best.