Saturday, November 17, 2012


The first thing our doctor said to us at our appointment on Wednesday was, "You made it to 35 weeks! Your baby will be going home from the hospital with you." Obviously, there aren't any guarantees, but at this point, NICU time would be unlikely. The best part is, we should be able to do skin-to-skin contact as soon as she's born! Earlier preemies need to be immediately rushed to the NICU, but at 35 weeks, as long as she comes out screaming, (which she should) they'll be able to lay her right on my chest when she comes out. I've read up on how beneficial that is for babies, and it must be so scary to be born. I just want her in my arms as soon as possible. So I'm incredibly grateful to be at such a safe point, although I really want her to stay put and grow for a few more weeks. The longer, the better! I do have a feeling it may happen sooner than later, though. When the doc checked me today, she immediately said, "Wow! Her head is... right there." Which I already knew, because sometimes it feels like she's just going to fall out of me. Lovely, I know. Let's hope it doesn't happen exactly like that. I've also had some pretty intense contractions lately, but luckily they are few and far between. Even though I'm off bed rest, it hasn't been much different. Joey still won't let me do much; bless his heart. He is determined not to let this little girl show up too early. I am so spoiled by that man. He loves me and our baby so much. I could not have found a more loving, responsible, amazing guy to spend the rest of my life with. When I imagine him taking care of our daughter, I get teary-eyed. I always told myself growing up that when I did finally have kids, I wanted their dad to be just as amazing as my dad is. I grew up with the greatest dad imaginable, and I am overjoyed to know that Noelle will have that same blessing. Her daddy is incredible. Not to mention, a saint for putting up with my mood swings. Speaking of which... I LOVE being off Nifedipine! I absolutely love it. I truly think that medicine has had a lot to do with why I've been so miserable the past couple of months. Constant headaches, chills, hot flashes, insomnia... the past two nights of sleep have been the best I've had in months. I feel so much better emotionally, as well- almost back to my regular self! Nifedipine turned me into a beast, but it also gave our angel 11 extra (crucial) weeks of growth. So as much as I hated those pills, I will also forever love the darn things for working so well. 31 days- or less- until we meet our little princess. We love you so much, Noelle! See you soon. =)